4 Ways a Press Release Service Can Boost Your PR Campaign Results

You can either send directly your press release to relevant reporters or hire a distribution company that can help you land placement on different sites and locations. If you are looking forward to hire a press release service, here are 4 ways it can help you improve your PR campaign results:

  1. A distribution platform generates reports.

When hiring a distribution company, brands usually receive reports that indicate how far their press release has reached. Brands can track where their release is placed, how many page views or site traffic is gained through the release.

Getting tracking reports is a good way to know if you met your business goals. It’s also a step to make improvements during and after the campaign.

  1. It spreads your story in the social media.

Today, press releases are easily shared on the social media networks. Most paid press distribution sites like https://www.onlinebusiness.com/review/newswire-com-share-story-across-multiple-channels have a feature where the audience can share the release in their social platforms.

People have better access in the release, so your story can get viral if it is written well. Before hiring a site, ask if they have this feature, you can check best Press release distribution service for editorial coverage by Newswire.

Since more people buy online, making sure that your release is distributed in different platforms, including the social media ensures that you can target potential customers who may be interested in your products.

You may share your release on Facebook, tweet it or share on LinkedIn. You may share an image related to your content and provide a link to access it on your website or on the newswire site.

  1. The use of visuals boosts the readability of your release.

Gone are the traditional ways of writing plain text of release. Not including images or a video can affect, whether your story will be read or not by the readers.

When you hire a newswire platform, you may submit your brand assets, including images, video, infographics or stats that can make your content interesting and interactive. Press release with visuals have better open rates than plain release.

In fact, a study showed that people are more compelled to click on if they see an image in a release. Seeing visuals can trigger people to read your story and get interested in what your story.

Since online distribution companies encourage the submission of visuals, brands have a better chance of getting visibility and getting media coverage. Moreover, having an image or a video in a release invites people to share it on the social media channels.

More people can access it means better visibility for your brand. It widens your reach because more people can view and share your content.

Visuals are a great way to encourage people to read your release. It piques their interest and sends a message that there’s something important in your story.

  1. The access to network of journalists and publications can boost media coverage or earned media.

When you decide to distribute your release via a distribution platform, your story can get in front of a pool of reporters, publications, sites, portals and search engines. Journalists on the same niche who subscribed to the site’s RSS feeds will definitely receive a notification about your story.

If you don’t land publicity, constant issuing of release can give you at least an earned media. If  a journalist finds your story compelling and newsworthy, they are more likely to mention you in their future articles or stories.

You should pay attention to details when choosing a reputable paid press release distribution service. Don’t just settle for their marketing tactics. Make sure that you’re hiring a company that can provide results and really help your company.