Know the Pros & Cons of Hiring a Press Release Writing Service Before Getting One

Should you hire a press release writing service in order to achieve your goal of securing media coverage? Press releases are not only about SEO.

It is a great marketing tool to spread the word about your new product, new CEO or company milestone. Businesses are able to build their credibility and establish themselves as an industry expert.

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Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hiring a best press release writing service for writing your releases:


A well-written press release can provide a business with a lot of opportunities. It grabs the media attention as well as the stakeholders, especially the customers and the investors.

  • You’re hiring professional writers.

It is different if your press release is written by someone who has skills and experience. You may be an expert in writing your social media posts, but writing a release is different.

For instance, writing a blog headline needs only to have SEO and attention-grabbing components. However, writing the headline of a release should have interesting, newsworthy, SEO and attention-grabbing elements.

A well written release follows a format. It is spelling, punctuation and grammar error-free. The introduction contains the most crucial information about the story.

If your release contains a lot of mistakes and is difficult to edit, a newswire company providing writing services may not consider your story. The advantage of hiring a service is they have professional writers who are knowledgeable and experienced.

They can suggest a better story angle that can increase the chance of getting publicity. You don’t have to worry about formatting your release because they can do this job easily for you. PR experts believe that following the correct format determines whether a story is newsworthy or not.

  • Your content is mistake-free.

When you use their service, you can be assured that your content is free from grammar, spelling and format mistakes. Since they have writers who know the standards, your content is SEO-ready and is sure to reach different places on the internet.

Not only that, a good release has a high possibility to be picked up by reporters. Your story can appear in different locations, including the social media.

  • You save time.

If you hire a service to write your release, you save a lot of time, so you can focus on your other functions. It can be doubly hard if you are writing your story on your own.

Outsourcing can be costly too. However, when you use a service, they will be in charge of your releases. You’ll have no worries because they know how to produce good content that follows the journalistic style of writing that can get publicity.

  • Some offer extra service.

Some professional services provide other features, such as submitting your release to news and media publications, reporters or a newswire service.

Of course, this is an additional cost on top of the regular package. Some companies even help monitor your social media exposure and media coverage.


There are always two sides of the coin. After you’ve seen the advantages of hiring a writing service, take a look at some of the disadvantages:

  • You may need to do additional job.

Prior to agreeing with any service, make sure that you know the scope of their writing. Talk to them and ask the details, and what you are expecting from them.

Although you hired them, it doesn’t mean that you will just sit and wait for the results. Marketers need to provide them with brand assets, such as company information, story, images, infographics, video and quotes.

An ideal service offers a questionnaire that can help both the service and the marketer. They will know your needs straight away and get the information without going through the long process.

  • You may be ready to spend more.

Hiring a service to write your releases cost more than just writing blogs and articles. It is higher than any copywriting service because it is a press release.

If you are a startup, small business or a business with budget consideration, you may need to assess if you can afford it. You may spend paying double than blogs and articles.

Although not all costly services offer the best service, paying for writing services can have a greater return-on-investment (ROI). You get a better chance for publicity and establishing your business as an authority.

Before considering getting the service, you may want to consider the pricing and your available writing resources. If you have a skilled staff who can write a release, you may save a lot on cost. If not and you are also not available to write, you need to prepare your budget for hiring a writing service.

If you want to know if using a service or using an in-house resource is good for you or not, you may try them both. Measure the results and check which one gives your company a higher ROI. Choose the one that provides you the best income.